The pull for Stanford tonight, Saturday July 4th is a GO!  Please help pass the word!

As of 11:53, Monticello for tonight Saturday July 4th is CANCELLED! Please help pass the word. We are still waiting to hear from Stanford. I will post as soon as I know anything.


I have added an ad to the classified page, check it out!

I have updated the distance and points pages with the results from Paris and Temple Hill.  I will get the results from Temple Hill up as soon as I can.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Matt Pike Memorial Pull has been rescheduled for Saturday September 12th!  The classes will still be the Pro-Stock 4WD Trucks, 10,000 Hot Farm Tractors, 6000 LLS Tractors, and the 8500 Pro-Farm Tractors.  Hope everyone can make it!