WOW! What a weekend!  Hope everyone that got to pull had a great time!  A BIG thank you to those drove long distances to be rained out!  Sorry about the trouble, but Mother Nature refuses to listen to me! 


I have updated the distance and points pages to reflect all of last weeks pulls! 


Hope to see everyone this week!


Harrodsburg, KY 7-23-14 - 560 Linden Ave


Taylorsville, KY 7-24-14 - 895 Fairgrounds Road


Madisonville, KY 7-25-14 - 605 E Arch Street


Tollesboro, KY 7-25 and 7-26-14 - 214 Lions Club Road


Somerset, KY 7-26-14 - 25 McClendon Road


Livingston, KY 7-26-14 - 610 Monterey HWY