We have been working hard all afternoon!  We have made some schedule changes!  I have the corrections to the schedule on the "Schedule of Events" page.  However, is a list of just the changes:

  • Lawrenceburg, KY has moved to May 8th and May 9th.  On the 8th we will run the Super Modified 2WD trucks, Pro-Stock 2WD trucks, Pro-Stock 4WD trucks, and the 6000 Limited Light Super tractors.  Then on the 9th we will run the Super Modified 2WD trucks, Super Stock 4x4 trucks, Economy Hotrod tractors, and the 8500 Pro-Farm tractors.

  • Lafayette, TN on May 9th has added the 10,000 Hot Farm tractors.

  • Russell Springs, KY on June 5th has added the 8500 Pro-Farm tractors.

  • Carrollton, KY on June 13th will run the Super Stock 4x4 trucks, Economy Hotrod tractors, Super Modified 4WD trucks, and the 2.6 Diesel trucks.

  • Bardstown, KY on July 18th has added the 2.6 Diesel trucks.

July 23rd at Taylorsville, KY has be cancelled for us.

I have also posted a complete list of physical addresses for the pulls for this year.  I think that these will get you directly to the fairgrounds for each event.  If you live near one of those events and don't mind to check it out and let me know if I need to change it I (as would many pullers) would be extremely grateful!  The file can be found on the schedule of events page. 

The sponsorship opportunity information has been updated as well.  Make sure to check it out!  Important information for pullers!

Also, please note that extra money has been added to the following purses:

  • May 9th – Lafayette, TN – 6000 LLS $500 extra to win
  • June 12th - Brandenburg, KY – 6000 LLS $500 extra to win
  • July 21st – Brandendburg, KY – Super Modified 2WD $1000 extra to win


There will be a Relay for Life Benefit Pull on Saturday April 25, 2015 at Temple Hill, Kentucky.  There will be 19 classes so there is sure to be one for everyone!  All proceeds go to Relay for Life.  For more information contact Wade Jackson at 270-590-0020 or Randy Simmons at 270-646-8692.

There will be a benefit pull on May 16, 2015 for fellow puller, Jeff Medley.  The pull will be held at Temple Hill, Kentucky.  They will be running the Pro-Stock 4WD Trucks, Pro-Stock 2WD Trucks, 6000 Limited Light Super Tractors, 2.6 Diesel Trucks, 10,000 Hot Farm Tractors, and the 4300 Light Pro-Stock Trucks.  Test Hooks are welcome.  All proceeds will go toward Jeff's medical expenses.  For more information call 270-547-0325 or 270-590-0020 or email trickmytractor@yahoo.com